Dear Sony: I Love You | I Hate You (lol NERD RAGE)

Dear Sony,

Thank you for releasing a slimmed down version of the PS3 and dropping the price to make it more competitive against the Xbox360 & the wii.

Now you can finally rape the wallets of poverty stricken, welfare dodging loser nerds like me.

Sony, I fucking love you.


Dear Sony,

I recently went to an FYE and saw that the Volume 1 box set of Blood+ cost $119.00.
$119.00 for 25 episodes. And you only get the half of the series.

Granted, I know that licencing and distributing costs for an anime can be quite expensive, however when you own the production company that produced the series, the TV service that aired the show in Japan and the licencing company for international distribution and American Distributor, there should be no excuse that a box set of half of the series should cost no more than $50.00, especially in the current economic situation. On top of this, you released the box set simultaneously along with single volumes of the series, which probably killed sales even further (I don’t know, I’m just talking out of my ass here), since it would be cheaper to wait until the single volumes go on sale  (or Watch it on Adult Swim and pay only for cable/sat/FIOS) than to shell out $ 119.00 for only HALF OF THE TV SERIES.

It’s retarded sales gimmicks like these that keep Fagsubbing alive, and hurt the industry. Sony, stick to spamming Seinfeld 3 times a night and leave distribution of anime to the pros.

Gee, Thanks Sony, I fucking hate you.
– Setsuna

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