Gundam 00: The Movie info|Movie Reivews|and other junk

NOTE: Not Related to Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn

Sorry for the deluge of Gundam info recently. Nah, I’m not.
Actually, I’m just glad some new information has come out about regarding the 00 Movie.

This better not be a hoax.

Similar to Unicorn,  there will be a archive page once more information becomes available about this film.

EDIT: For now I’m gonna file this as a troll/hoax.

So far, there has been no photo information to back this up, no has any information been released to any of the major anime-news sources (e.g. :Anime Magazines, Model Magazines Photojournals, etc. ) to verify that such line art for the MS in question exist.  I also find it kind of odd that at a big convention like Gundam Expo, no information about the upcoming movie has been released to the news media.
So, for now, I’ll just remain skeptical until something official becomes available.


Seeing Inglorious Basterds and The Goods: Live Hard, Sell Hard in a double feature tommorow.

Reviews for these, G.I. Blow  and every other summer film are in the works. Not that anyone cares.

Sunrise has finally given their English speaking interns somethin useful to do because the Gundam Unicorn english site is finally open.

Character, Mecha, Story are open as well as a cast list. Notables are Hiro Shimano (Ayoto Kamina in RahZephon) and Wataru Takagi (GTO). Actors who previously worked on Gundam series are Daisuke Namikawa (Al  fom Gundam 0080: War in the Pocket) and course, Shuichi Ikeda (His Charness) as Villian Full Frontal.

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