Not Dead… Just Lazy… and ranting on Eva.

There really hasn’t been anything going on lately in the real world. Therefore, I’ve chosen to be lazy. And watch Eva.
No, not that one. Or this one, either (even thought she’s hot) But this Eva.

Ed. Note: For those of you who think Evangelion is a “Church-related” thing, you might wanna stop here first, or at the Other Wiki, as you will have no idea of what the hell I’m talking about.

Long story short, I’ve found used DVD copies at my FYE and decided to recollect the series.
While I do like the series, I don’t think it’s ZOMG! THE GREATEST ANIMU of all time, as ADV Films (Now reformatted as SXION 23) liked to spam on their releases. 
Don’t get me wrong, the show is beautifully animated (When GAINAX had money to animate it), well written and scored (especially in regard to the shortcuts made due to the hemorraging budget).
However, Evangelion is one of those shows I can only watch every sporadically, partly due the grim-dark atmosphere at the end of the series(and this is before End of Eva), which leaves me kind of “meh, is that It?” feeling, partly due to the amount of psycological trauma that gets gift wrapped and hand delivered to most of the characters (especially to Shinji and Asuka), and the subversive mind screw of a ending of the story. 
Once again, this is before The End of Evangelion, which amps up this feeling with a healthy dose of  HSQ and runs off of High Octane Nightmare Fuel Unleaded, while having the sublety of a Cinder block hitting a glass window.
Seeing all of that mayhem especially in a marsthon, can turn me off from the show for a while, and has done repeatedly.
Despite all of the ranting, I’m going to see the Rebuild movies anyway, espcially since I’ve heard 2.0 is rediculously epic.
During a recent viewing of the show, I’ve learned that:
– Gendou, Fuyutsuki and Kaji are my favorite characters.
– Despite being a Complete jerkass of a father and more or less a complete bastard overall, I find Gendou to be a complete badass, due to his “I do what I have to do” personality. And he is the Uberpimp of the series.
Fuyutsuki got caught up into something he couldn’t get out of and is actually one of the the more ethical characters in the show. In addition, he has to do Gendou’s bitchwork, like go to City Council meetings. 
And Kaji was a chivarous pervert who just wanted to learn the truth and was more of a father to Shinji, then Gendou ever was.
– Despite working for the most funded employer in the post-second impact economy, Apparently Steak Ramen diners and doing Laundry on the regular is considered expensive, even if you have 15 of the same outfit.
– Toji probably got baked out of his mind after he signed on as a EVA pilot in ep. 17. How he does not look stoned.
– Despite getting trashed repeatedly, (In part from the sheer collateral damage by the EVA’s to defeat the Angels, the Tokyo-3 expressways were jam-packed full of people waiting to get back in. (Although later episodes do show that the city is more or less uninhabited, due to most of the city being destroyed.)
– Episodes 7-13 are my favorite stretch, due to they’re being more light hearted and episodic. Episodes 7,9,13, 19 and 22 are my favorites.
When I get the entire series collected, I’ll probably just live blog it, one ep. at a time.

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