Remembering that Tuesday

Well today of course, is September 11, a day eight years ago, that changed how I looked at the veiw of world around me.
It was a goregous, cloudless day and I was a freshman in college in class when the news broke.
The whole time in class I had an uneasy feeling about what was going there in Lower Manhattan. Part of my feelings wanted to shrug it off as an accident, as a small aircraft hit one of the towers in the 70’s. But when I finally got to my dorm and turned on the TV, I knew then and there that it was anything but an accident, and nothing was going to be the same. For the rest of the night, I was filled with a mosaic of emotions, from horror to rage…
Eight years later, the skies are gloomy and rainy, and the atmosphere can’t be more symbolic. Despite everything that has changed, in my life, and in the lives of all of us on this small planet, I have to remind myself that life does indeed go on, in spite of tragedy, but only if we choose make it happen.
Today, should mark as a day of service, volunteerism and good will for those who need it the most. I feel this is the best way to honor the people who lost their lives and the people who gave their lives trying to save them.

Changing the main subject, despite all that happened that day, something good did happen that day, and that was the release of one of the better albums in my collection, Jay-Z’s The Blueprint.
Around that time Jay-Z was in trouble with law (he had two cases against him) and was engaged with with fueds with Nas and Mobb Deep.  The Blueprint was released on that day to combat piracy. The album was cut in two weeks, with Jay-Z penning the lyrics in two days.
The Blueprint eschewd the Pop-Rap oriented sound that he made popular for a more vintage Soul vibe, using samples from Jackson Five, David Ruffin and Al Green songs. Except for a guest spot with Eminem and guest vocals from Q-Tip, Biz Marke and Slick Rick (On “Girls, Girls, Girls”), the album is devoid of any cameos.
In the Hip-Hop world, The Blueprint shook the world. It galvanized Nas to make one hell of a comeback, and helped Kanye West and Just Blaze boost their careers as producers.
 Overall, The Blueprint is a great album.


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