Tokyo-3 is now a Reality…

In South Korea.

40 Miles Southeast of Soeul, a planned city will preeminent business hub of Asia and redefine the urban experience and will become a battleground Giant robots that run on batteries and piloted by emo teenagers that fight against kabalistic kaiju…  
Okay, I kid.
The New Songdo City project, scheduled to be ready for business in 2015 will be a testbed for technology and a new way of life.
The NCS located on 6KM of reclaimed land on the Inchon waterfront will blah, blah, blah…

So sayeth the wiki:

“Built on 1,500 acres of land reclaimed from the Yellow Sea off Incheon, about 35 miles from the South’s capital Seoul, New Songdo City is billed as the largest private real estate development in history. By its completion date in 2015, New Songdo City is to be a free economic zone with 80,000 apartments, 50 million square feet of office space and 10 million square feet of retail. The 65-floor Northeast Asia Trade Tower, which will be Korea’s tallest building when complete. Computers will be built into the houses, streets and offices as part of a “ubiquitous” network linking everyone in a sort of digital commune.”

In other words it will be Cyberpunk come to life.

I found out about this on ABC’s World News Now this morning. The clips they showed also had all kinds of Awesome But Impratical stuff like lighted crosswalks.


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