Live Action Evangelion Abomination Continues to Move Forward…

So sayeth the guy who produced Halo Legends and ANN.

Before I turn this post in a knee jerk op/ed piece, I’m gonna say, there’s no chance in hell this will be a successful project, and if it is, I will eat my hat. 

More on this later, once I do some research.


3 Responses to “Live Action Evangelion Abomination Continues to Move Forward…”

  1. February 10, 2010 at 2:41 pm

    Out of curiosity: why? I have heard many fans bash the entire notion of a live action Evangelion, and to be honest, it mystifies me a little bit… Why is it EXACTLY you are so confident that it will fail?

    Don’t get me wrong, I assume it will fail financially, as western movie-going audiences are in general too stupid to understand or appreciate the philosophical and/or psychological complexities of Evangelion as a whole. But as art, or as a faithful representation of the anime it comes from, what is the source of your assumptions?

    Honestly, I loved going to see the Transformers movies not because they were good, but just because it was thrilling to see the concept of giant robots brought into “real life” so convincingly… Whether Evangelion ever succeeds in story and character is ultimately irrelevant to me, I’ll always have the show and the Rebuild movies. But if it sells the VISUALS of REAL-LIFE Evangelions running around and knocking over buildings in a realistic manner, I’m on board…

  2. February 12, 2010 at 2:40 am

    As I mentioned my reaction comes off as a Knee/jerk RAGE! piece. While it would be nice to see a live action anime adaption work, I don’t think Evangelion is adaptable to mainstream western audiences. Remember, this movie isn’t supposed to sell just to anime fans, but to a general public that’s ignorant of anime.

    1. I have a bias against live action adaptaions in general, let alone adaptations from animated works. While historically, there have been many aclaimed films of comic books and TV Shows, Video Games and anime tend not do well at all.

    2. Evangelion at is core, takes the traditional, “Boy with giant robot saves the world” concept, and deconstructs (if not all out skwers) it 15 ways from Sunday. The somewhat light-hearted episodes at the begining are melted down into a dark, twisted psycodrama… with unfitting music. Eva at is core is pretty damn subversive. That might not gel with uninformerd parents who think they are taking thier kids to see a knockoff of Transformers.

    3. A live action Evanglion “could work”, however, as you mentioned, mainstream viewers are morons. Filmmakers may have a desire to make their dreams come true on the big screen, but it’s up to the distributors and producers (the people putting up the money) to make their money back on thier investment. Fearful executives will probably get rid of the faux religous symbolic aestetics, the all Japanese cast, and the somewhat ho-yay between Shinji and Kawarou.

    An westerninzed Evangelion may “have” the basic concepts, but I’m not shelling out $10.50 to see hoblooded “Jonny Winters” fight the evil angels, and neither will fanboys.

    3. Lastly, Rebuild of Eva is already out, so why bother? Plus, I feel any adpatation of Evangelion that doesn’t involve Hideki Anno, Yoshiyuki Sadamato and/or Kazuya Tsurumaki would fall off as a pale imitation. Not to knock John Ledford or anyone from the defunct ADV, but I don’t think still have a clue on what the orignal staff was trying to convey.

    • February 12, 2010 at 3:19 am

      On further reflection, you may be right… You definitely have some valid points…

      I may have a deep desire to see the giant clones stomping around a cityscape and beating the crap out of angels (in live-action), but you’re probably right about the story and characters going to hell in a handbasket. I guess that might be a trade I would be unwilling to make…

      I remember picking apart LOTR (especially The Two Towers), and that was fairly faithful… Hmm…

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