MG Exia gets “Clear Status”

Around the end of last year, Bandai rereleased several Master Grade kits under the “Club MG” clear campaign gimmick. Club MG  is a service that caters to Gunpla fans, similar to X-Box Live.

Basically, your get a one (ONLY ONE??) clear piece of armor runners to slap on your Gundam (Or Zeon mecha). The kits also come with a reigistation number which allows you to sign up Club MG.  The more kits you buy and reigister enables you to be elgible for limited items and one off kits. Natch, this only applies to Japan (and says so expilctly on the box).

The upside is, you get a chance to get a MG kit that may not have been released in years. (Which worked out for me, I just picked up the Zeta & Mk-II 2.0’s)  The downside: You only get one set of runners, and don’t expect them to cover the whole body.

The MG Exia (Not the *Bling* Ignition Mode, or the Trans-Am) will be added to the line up and will be rereleased Mid March.

Still waiting on my MG Kyrios, 00 & Seravee. C’mon Bandai…

(Photo Credits go to G-Toys & Ngee Khiong)


2 Responses to “MG Exia gets “Clear Status””

  1. February 18, 2010 at 8:39 am

    I’ve thought that clear part campaign means every part is a clear part, so that means only 1 runner or just the left leg is in clear part?
    well, if this is IM I would be glad to buy…

  2. February 19, 2010 at 6:11 pm

    Nope. Just one clear runner per kit.

    I have to recheck which runner parts they issue, but it’s usually the arm, leg and skirt armor. However, every kit comes with the orignal runners, so you can build it without the clear parts.

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