Full Frontal in Your Face This Fall

Today is shaping up to be quite the day in News:

Gundam Unicorn Episode 2 to be Released this Fall.
Title is “The Red Comet”.

Source: Ngee Khiong, via G-Toys

2 Responses to “Full Frontal in Your Face This Fall”

  1. 1 May
    March 3, 2010 at 8:36 pm

    Urg, such a ridiculous wait time. They shouldn’t have released it until they were finished more of it…
    What were they thinking?
    The hype isn’t going to last that long, at this rate, by the time episode 3 is out, I’m not going to care.

  2. March 4, 2010 at 6:02 pm

    Ehhh… Here’s the thing. This is an OVA. A very “Ambitious” OVA. Let me explain:


    1. Unlike a TV Series, which is developed to air on a weekly schedule, an OVA is a direct-to-home video product. While a TV Series will make it’s money from advertising revenue, merchandising and home video sales, a OVA makes its money DIRECTLY from the sales. The glorious quality of the animation that we’ve been fapping to for the last month will go down the tubes if the sales from Unicorn don’t match up to the work Sunrise and Bandai are putting in.

    2. On top of this, Unicorn is a major litmus test for the Gundam Franchise on the world stage. Never has Sunrise/Bandai put so much effort in a project, let alone a OVA. Unicorn is being dubbed in 6 total languages, released in multiple countries AND video streamed… SIMULTANOUSLY. This is a major undertaking for a industry that has fallen on hard times due to economics and is more or less unwilling to appeal itself to audiences outside of it’s native country of Japan. Sunrise/Bandai is going out on a limb to see how viable their main franchise on the world market. They want this to sell, and they don’t want it to look like crap.

    Relax. It’s very rare that there are multiple Gundam projects on the market.

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