And Now, A Very Special Episode of Bahamut Six (2011 State of the Blog Address)

“Wait, WAT? What the fuck is this shit?
First new post in two weeks and this is what you throw up? Where’s mah Gundam news, Goddammit? 
Ah, the hell with this, I’m going to Ngee’s blog.”

– Anticipated Reader Reaction to this post

Welp, let’s be frank. Bahamut Six was supposed to be a blog with no real aim, other than stuff about Giant Robots (which I do have in abundance), beats (which I suck in reviewing), flicks (which… I can’t think of anything to go with) and urban life, (which I’ve covered none of, but I would really like to if I got out more often).

However, with the development of a certain anticipated anime film that debuted around September (it just came out on DVD, and after seeing it 8 times it is STILL fucking AWESOME, by the way) 90% of the posts were about the movie and any development related to it.

And while posts about the movie that brought in a lot hits (Sadly, most of those hits are only interested in where to obtain fansubs) what do I do when it drops out of popularity with fandom and most of those readers move on to the next big thing?

I could either follow the trend, which could backfire due to a loss of interest (Wassup Star Driver?), or I can do my own thing and “expand my horizons” (cue groans). What does that mean? Let’s break it down by category:

Anime :

– Gundam fans, don’t despair… yet. News (that I deem notable) will be posted. However, with Gundam 00 finally wrapped up due to the release of – A Wakening of the Trailblazer -, it would be somewhat safe to say, unless something major piques my interest, go elsewhere. (Until I get Gundam Unicorn on DVD or BluRay, news on that will be reaaaally dormant).

– I have a backlog of shows I want to spotlight (Nadesico, for example). Expect progress soon.

– Despite interest in liveblogging Star Driver dropping from Episode 1 (Tech issues did it), I’m still interested in the show.
Expect progress soon.


– I tend to read about 4-5 comics a week. Notables are Irredeemable, X-Factor, Uncanny X-Force and Batman and Robin.
They deserve some mention.


– I am not a music reviewer, expect zilch.


– Ahh, cinematic adventures. I love ’em and so does everyone else, given the sheer number of blogs dedicated to films.
However, in a weak effort to be unique, I’m trying out a new project.

In closing, by diversifying content, I hope to expand the audience of Bahamut Six, while (hopefully) retaining the regulars.
To 2011 and Beyond!

Oh yeah, and the what’s up with the picture? It’ll make sense soon.


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