Dear Asemu, Ur Daddy’s Gonna Frak Up Your Life In the Name of Vengeance… Have a Gundam! (REVIEW: Gundam AGE Episode 16)

Mobile Suit Gundam AGE

Episode 16: “The Gundam in the Stable”
Airdate: 1/29/2012

Main Cast:
Asemu Asuno: Takuya Eguchi
Zeehart Galete: Hiroshi Kamiya

Flit Asuno: Kazuhiko Inoue
Frederick Algreus: Takehito Koyasu
Romary Stone: Kana Hanazawa
Emily Asuno:  Aya Endo


25 Years later and not a damn thing changed… except Flit has a mustache now. And MORE ANGST!
Oh yeah, his son’s the main character now.


I’ve been rewatching BSG lately, aaand I’ve been infected by a few obsessive trips to Wikifrakr, so sorry for the overuse of the word ‘Frak’ and its variations… but it’s better than the euphemism that I would normally use. And Leland can get really FRAKKING grating with his daddy issues, therefore the hate. Read On!

(Image Source: Gundam Guy)

Our story picks up 25 years after the previous episode, in the year A.G. 140. (It’s also been 40 years since the war with UE/Veigan began) The new story arc opens in grand fashion… with two nekked men waking up from Popsicle sleepytime in giant tampon-shpaed beds and taking a bath (ewwww).

One of them is the old guy from the stinger of last week, and a White haired kid, who’s either a dead ringer for Woulf Ennacle, or with a dye job and a pair of glasses, a Tieria Erde-esque Innovedo. …Just sayin’. The old guy schemes about setting up the next phase for Project EDEN/Kill Everybody for the lulz. Tieri-Wuulf grunts in agreement.


Also, we find out Flit’s doing pretty darn well for himself, commanding the Feddie station Big Ring (it was mentioned way back in episode 3, I believe. Big Ring’s design is kind of a letdown, though). Flit not only seems to be a top ranking Fed, he’s essentially THE military arm of the Feddies. He’s also angstier than Lee Adama.  After having his obsession with defeating the Veigans called into question by his subordinate Frederick Algreus, a.k.a. Ensign Kiss-Ass, Flit damn near shoves his coffee in feathered hair boy’s face, challenging him to find a flaw in his logic.


Flit heads home to continue the Asemu family tradition of crapping on the male heir’s life— I mean hang out with his family.

Meanwhile we meet, in a rare first—Soulbro’s men (READ: PLURAL) for this part of the series (oh gawd, a packaged deal) Shawee and Macil, who suffer the daily ritual of getting shook down for their lunch money by some bullies when, local bully hunter, Mobile Suit enthusiast and mack daddy, the baddest kid to rock a 90’s hair cut in AG 140, Asemu Asuno saves the dork duo and hands the bullies their collective asses. Now forming the “Tremendous Trio”, the three spend their days in the school’s garage fixing up a Mobile Suit that looks like the Anf from Gundam 00… and handles like one too. Apparently, the renowned Asuno talent for Mobile Suit craftsmanship skipped a generation.


Meanwhile three girls walk into the garage led by “Her Curvy Loliness” – Romary Stone, and her two mudduck friends who make her look even cuter (I’m sure she deliberately picked them). The dork duo is so happy that she’s sharing the same oxygen with them that they don’t even realize she’s got her eyes on the kid with the ponytail of power. Her mudduck entourage picks up on this like ugly chicks do, so they cockblock Asemu and whisk Romary away. Meanwhile, Flit pulls his Gendo Ikari impersonation to call Asemu home.

Now it’s dinner at the Asuno house where we’re introduced to some old and new faces. Emily, who’s graduated from being the “Toilet Paper stuck to Flit’s Shoe” to his wife/consolation prize (that he ignores in the scene), is the matriarch, while Vargas has upgraded from Goofy old man to Sloppy, goofy old man. Rounding out the family is Asemu and his cute little sister, Unoa.

Flit in FABULOUS and dramatic fashion declares that today will be the day he will pass on the AGE System to Asemu, who doesn’t even have a clue what the hell it is (Great job on teaching the legacy, dad). “Father of the Year” Flit also schools Asemu on the AGE System’s “’Asuno Savior Complex Lifetime Guarantee’, which will ensue the bearer a kick ass Mobile Suit, and lifetime of obsession, vengeance and a rigid black & white outlook of morality, all for the price of said bearer’s happiness”.  Asemu’s happy to get a chance to pass on the legacy, when Flit drops the other shoe: Asemu has to go to military school. Aw damn, Buzzkill. Flit then gawks at some “totally not shady” looking bales of hay, while Asemu realizes he may have just frakked himself.

Just when he thought he had it made…

The next day at school, Tieria Erde– I mean– Mr. White Wolf Jr. I mean– Zeehart Galete is introduced to Asemu’s class, and of course the fat kid with the loudmouth and the mullethawk totally ignores the order to “be nice” to him and tries to pick a fight. Hilarity ensues.

The Tremendous trio is working on their Baby Anf, when Zeehart stops by the MS clubhouse, just to gawk and turndown their invitation to join the club (who’d blame him). Asemu wants to fix up baby Anf, so he can win the MS tournament when the Dork duo calls Asemu out on his drive/obsession (runs in the family, huh?) to win, Asemu downplays the notion he wants to win the contest to impress his Daddy. Meanwhile Zeehart gets to schemin’.

Welp, the attack starts and it typical UE/Veigan fashion, the faction with the sexier MS start curbstomping anything that moves. It’s actually tame compared to most colony attacks. No one’s getting blown out into space this time, and the Veigans aren’t trying to outright violate the opposing forces. This time, they’re trying out l33t new cool poses on the helpless Feddie mooks. Asemu hops on his bike when he runs into Romary, who has a case of bullshit sprained ankle. Asemu takes her to his house earning pimp points and freaking out Vargas. CUE GUNDAM BOOT UP SEQUENCE.

Ohohhoho SHI–

In a silly case of Asspullery, Asemu who can’t even fix a Baby Anf, has even MOAR L33T Skilz than the Veigans or, most Melee type Gundam pilots on their last episodes (I’m Comin’ at You Setsuna)! Seriously, he bitchslaps the Veigans with the skill of a vet, and takes out one with its own frakking arm. Frakking Awesome, but still… oh, and he may have caused a hole in the colony, cause it gets all misty. Flit’s been watching the battle on Space!CNN, while Zeehart scopes out the battle while hiding IN PLAIN SIGHT, because he’s a boss.

Both await the future battles yet to come.



Mobile Suit Gundam AGE “Second Generation” Opening Sequence is practically Series Director Susumu Yamaguchi’s love letter to 80’s mecha anime, from the AGE Title card, to the spit screens of Asemu and “Masked Wolf”. I’m not complaining. SEXY OPENING SEQUENCE is not “Asu e”, but I likey.

– This time around, the Triang-Relations are centered on two guys and a girl… hmmmm.

  1. Speaking of which, Emily eventually got Flit to come back with her to Tordia after all. You go, Toilet Paper Girl!

– Flit’s uncompromising demeanor to the UE hasn’t changed in 25 years. He almost pulled off a Bill Adama level death glare at Ensign Kiss-Ass when he tried to call him out on his shit… only to follow through not with a quote of justified badassery for his actions, but with some Leland level wangst. His obsession with becoming a savior may/probably/MOST DEFININTLY will drive Asemu to ruin. Seriously, passing on the AGE device, strong-arming him into military school… Way to go, model dad, way to fulfill your desire of vengeance through your son!

  • Hmmm, kinda like how DAT BEARD’S obsession for revenge and his goading of Flit to be a soldier for the cause did Flit a “great” service… parallels, anyone? Hmmmm….
  •  And yet, the fan haters swear this so-called “kiddie cancer of the franchise show” lacks the depth of other “superior” Gundam series… bitch, please.
  • Lastly, I don’t have any MAJOR HAET for Flit. I just find some of his comments regarding the Veigans, and his goading of his son to take up his fight kind of disturbing, given that Asemu seems to have had a good life so far, and given what the war had to done to Flit, that 25 years later, he would even push his son into that direction, legacy be damned, kind of frakked up.

– Love the shout out to the original MSG, with the interior shot of Tordia colony. Hopefully, it doesn’t get blown up and dropped on Australia.

– Romary Stone: Actual love interest, or Toilet Paper on the shoe, like Emily?

  • Don’t treat her like toilet paper (like dear ol’ dad to your mom), and you’ll get the girl yet, Asemu!

– If I’m right, Asemu may be the first Blond (Protagonist) Gundam pilot.

  •  Bernie Wiseman, you don’t count ’cause you piloted a weaksauce Zaku, mm’kay?
  • Oh, I forgot about you Loran, but we’re not going to get your show in America, after all. (Thanks a Fucking million, Bandai Japan!)
  • Also, Asemu might be the first (Protagonist) Gundam pilot that’s NOT an only child (I’m too lazy to look right now). YAAAY! Unoa, is so very dawwww.
  • That being said, dear writing Staff: Please don’t stuff her in the fridge for angst points; this doesn’t need to be “Zeta Gundam” AGE.

– Zeehart’s VA, Hiroshi Kamiya, might be closing in on the record for the most roles held by a single VA in the Gundam franchise… that is if you count Gunpla Builders.

  • C’mon, give Zeehart a purple dye-job and some glasses and tell me you don’t see Tieria. (Someone shoop this for me plz.
  • Apparently, Hiroki Touchi, has him beat.

– Poor, poor Emily. You’ve said you were going to be there for him, and now you’ve been upgraded to being Flit’s wife… and the writers still don’t seem to give a crap about you! At least you’re not named after a bodily function… or dead… yet (Right, Yurin?)

– About time the AGE 1 doesn’t look like crap. Good job, animators!

EPILEPTIC TREES (a.k.a. Silly Guesses):

– I’m calling the Gundam equivalent of a PINEAPPLE SALAD on Woulf Ennacle.

  • Woulf’s gonna buy the farm in epic fashion that will be truly befitting of a Badass Sempai and join the ranks of GARhalla with Roy Focker, South Burning, Neil Dylandy (Lockon Stratos) and KAMINA. Hell, he’s already rocking the dead sempai pose in the OP sequence (TIME: 1:56).

– Flit’s Aide, Algreus a.k.a. Ensign Kiss Ass, is gonna stab him in the back out of some lol Feddie Idealism!Yeah, look at the Government you work for, buddy.


– How in the blue hell would it take 25 years for the Veigans to travel from Mars to the Earth System… when the distance between Earth and Mars, is effectively the interstellar distance from Philadelphia to Trenton?

  • Unless the Veigans spent the time frakking around to improve their weaponry (and to also do some other types of Frakking… Ho-Ho-HO, BOW CHIKA WOW!)

– If Flit is essentially the Top dog of the Feddie military, and has free reign to develop new MS tech without the hindrance of the Silver Chalice Treaty (see episode 9), why would he need to hide the AGE?

  • Yeah, I know the episode is set up to introduce to Asemu to the Gundam, and to make a cool first episode colony fight (which it WAS), but I still find it rather silly.

– Where the Frak is DAT BEARD?

– Is there a relation between Zeehart Galete and RAT BASTARD (Decil)?

– Are Woulf and Zeehart related?

  • Both characters were introduced in the series waking up in Tampon-tank beds!

– So if there are Shadoll’s defending the Tordia, does that mean Old man Maldorna’s at Tordia too?

– What the HELL is up with Earth in this series? 16 episodes and STILL no earth side action!


– We actually have contenders for which dipshit irked me this week. The fat kid with the mullethawk should have been an easy pick, only to be beaten by Ensign Kiss-Ass with his silly hair. And yet, it’s Flit who takes top prize. His obsession with his Savior Complex has only intensified, and his refusal to acknowledge the fact that the Veigans are human beings will probably do some damage… for humanity. (Great frakking job, savior!)  It will be interesting to see who will be the biggest recipient/victim of the conflict this time around: The Veigans, or his son? While it’s normal (and often encouraged) for a parent plan a future for their child, Flit’s goal for Asemu is to continue the fight from he left off will very likely bring some rather unfavorable consequences to Asemu, simply due to him being in a Gundam series.


3 Out of 5 Stars. Gundam AGE finally timeskips to the much awaited “Second Generation” with a rather paint-by-the-numbers introductory episode. There’s the usual shenanigans, an idyllic colony under attack, a well-adjusted protagonist who steps up to be a hero, and some smug, ambiguous scheming from the villains. And yet, the character writing is pretty decent, and the mecha fight at the end is well choreographed. Asemu’s l33t skillz feel like an asspull from the writers, but I’m willing to forgive them for the sake of it being his introductory episode. Overall, an enjoyable episode, but aside from the timeskip and the new characters, nothing really spectacular.


Episode 17: “Friendship, Love and Mobile Suits”


The Tremendous Trio thinks the best way to get chicks is through a tournament… REAL STEEL STYLE!

Now it’s really like CARD GAMES IN MOBILE SUITS!!!

Oh the humanity, Y U DO DIS TO MAH GUNDAM, SUNRISE????!!!!


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