Why, Those Cunning Little Vegans! (REVIEW: Gundam AGE, Episode 27)

Episode 27: “I Saw A Red Sunset”
Airdate: 4/13/2012

Main Cast:
Asemu Asuno: Takuya Eguchi
Zeehart Galete: Hiroshi Kamiya

Flit Asuno: Kazuhiko Inoue
Obright Lorraine: Koji Yusa
Remi Ruth: Ayane Sakura
Mink Layden: Mamiko Noto
Millais Alloy: Yu Shimamura
Romary Stone:Kana Hanazawa
Frederick Algreus: Takehito Koyasu


Today’s Episode is chock full of Last Minute Hookups Team-ups to satiate the Fujoshi demographic, a spaceship Fortress Downed and a Death Flag Bait and Switch.

… and the big bad can use telepathy. From the orbit of Mars.
Kio is going to have a hell of a time with this guy.

New 10 Point Score Guide: 1= Horrible 5= Mediocre 10= Excellent
(All scores relative to the series)


Continuing from last time, the Vegans make a last dash to take the over Earth, using the Downes to dock with Noteram colonyto make it thier Forward Operating Base. Flit sorties out with the Alle Strike Missile pack for the AGE, using it to take out the Downes propulsion system.

Asemu reverts back to his original, much more likeable characterization from earlier in his arc and dukes it out (Again) with Zeehart, and actually fights him on rather even terms now that he’s a SUPAH PAIROTTO in training.

Dole, that odd looking chubby guy who’s in Zeehart’s entourage, decided he wanted more screen-time, so he goes all Mashymre Cello on Flit, but since Flit’s piloting skills are freaking insane, so he decided Flit needed a hug instead.

Also, apparently now, the Vegans can control the Mu-zell that gives them their X-Rounder abilities, despite evidence that implied that wasn’t the opposite. (Oh, so that’s why they made a big deal about the helmets in episode 25). All I’m saying writers, it’s not like this series’ is as heavy into defining its technology or science, like say earlier shows Gundam 00, or series set in the Universal Century. So writers, be consistent with your BS, please. Don’t all of sudden have X-Rounders control their abilities like a thermostat, when it wasn’t the case before. Just sayin.

Downes may have its engine… down, but it’s not out. While it’s firing up its energy shield, Algerus has the Diva fire its Photon Blaster on one of Downes escorts, knocking it into Downes, taking out the last of its engines. However, it doesn’t stop it from its collision course into Noteram, and the Diva, which was in the line of sight. After nailing Downes again with the Full size Photon Ring Blaster, Downes is too big to kill, and the Diva has to forcibly collide with it, but it does adjust the trajectory of its descent away from Noteram. Unfortunately, the Diva spammed the Photon Blaster out of commission, they’re stuck in Downes and they’re gonna fall to their deaths if with the stricken vessel if someone doesn’t go out and save their asses. And that person would be…

Remi Ruth. She decides playing Spock is way cooler than getting married to Olbright, so she voluntarily goes out to repair the Photon Blaster. Unfortunately for her, Mink Layden, the biggest loudmouth for the Magicians Eight has a rare moment of competence, and goes for the bridge of the Diva, causing Remi to initiate “Operation Human Shield”, just when Olbright arrives. He does get to knock Mink into the firing line of the Photon Blaster, where she gets promptly toasted. Sadly, Olbright goes to Remi, just in time to see her die.

The blast from the Photon Blaster frees the Diva, but it still doesn’t stop Downes descent into the atmosphere. So Asemu decides he wants to play Spock too, and makes a dash for Downes energy core (HOW THE HELL DID HE KNOW WHERE THAT WAS, WRITERS?) after a last minute chat with Romary. Meanwhile, Zeehart and that other old guy who’s in Zeehart’s entourage chat it up about Downes destruction with a twist: They will time the release of the escape pods on Downes along with its fragments as it breaks up in the atmosphere due to Adiabatic Compression, while Zeehart blows up the Energy Core with some Lobster Bombs Colony Destroyers.

Zeheart meets up with Asemu inside Downes, schools him on part of the plan (the “blow stuff up” part, not the “Secret Invasion” part) and they share some time to reminisce and hash out some of Asmeu grievances, because at this point, they think they’re going to die. NOT SO FAST, says Lord Ezcalant, who tells Zeehart that he’s got plans for him, and blasts a frikkin’ hole into the ship. With his X-Rounder Powers. From Mars. Holy crap.

Zeehart and Asemu escape, but Zeehart gets knocked out of commission when he saves Asemu from debris, but he gets a space hug from the last remaining Magicians Eight Guy as they fall into the atmosphere to an ambiguous fate. Downes damage to the Earth is minimal, and everything is okay…

But the Vegans have finally arrived at Eden.


Dole, for thinking he was a Super Saiyan.


Dole, Mink Layden and Remi Ruth, who death… was quite ruthless. I mean damn, someone on the staff hated her more than I did.


7 Out of 10.
With Generation 3 “seemingly” coming sooner than expected, this weeks episode felt like it was making a mad dash to finish up as many plot threads as possible, while setting the stage for Generation 3. Overall, the episode plays up some of the classic robot show Grand finale tropes, but it lacked the magic and magnitude that a Wham Episode like this should carry. I didn’t find it to be a bad episode, but its not one that I’m going to constantly rewatch, or remember.


Episode 28: “Upheaval in the Earth Sphere”
(Generation 2 Finale)


We’re at Earth. FINALLY.
Plus Vegans on Earth, White Gundams and the end of Generation 2’s Shenanigans.

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