I hope to fill this page up with relevant… and non relevant stuff about Gundam AGE.


(First Generation: AG 115)

Episode 1: The Savior, Gundam
Episode 2: The Power of AGE
Episode 3: The Twisted Colony
Episode 4: The White Wolf
Episode 5: The Demon Boy
Episode 6: The Light and Shadow of Fardain
Episode 7: Evolving Gundam
Episode 8: A Deadly United Front
Episode 9: The Secret Mobile Suit
Episode 10: Day of Fierce Battle
Episode 11: Reuinion at Minsry
Episode 12: The Rebels Set Sail
Episode 13: Space Fortress Ambat
Episode 14: A Flash of Sorrow
Episode 15: Those Tears Fall in Space

(Second Generation: AG 140)

Episode 16: The Gundam in the Stable
Episode 17: Friendship, Love and Mobile Suits
Episode 18: Graduation Ceremony Battle
Episode 19: Asemu’s Departure
Episode 20: The Red Mobile Suit
Episode 21: Phantoms in the Way
Episode 22: The Big Ring Absolute Defense Line
Episode 23: The Suspicious Colony
Episode 24: X-Rounder
Episode 25: The Terrifying Mu-szell
Episode 26: The Earth… is Our Eden
Episode 27: I Saw a Red Sunset


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