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New Code Geass Project Details

Today was the first time I seen any detail about this, so here goes: 

The new Code Geass project titiled Geass Gaiden: Boukoku no Akito (Akito of the Ruined Nation) is a side story that takes place in a.t.b. 2017 (during the time of the first “season”) on the European battlefront. A platoon of young soldiers sent from Zone (Area?) 11 are sent into a military operation with 5% chance of survival.

The project will be planned out by Code Geass creators Goro Taniguchi and Ichiro Okouchi, while the production will be directed by Sunrise alums Kazuki Akane (Escaflone: The Movie, Noein, Gundam: 0083, Birdy the Mighty DECODE) and written by Shigeru Morita (Blood +, Gundam SEED, Toward the Terra). Takahiro Kimura and Akira Yasuda will return as Animation Character Designer and Mechanical Designer, respectively.

No idea of format (TV, OVA) at this time. Stay Tuned



Guilty Pleasure: Gundam 0083- Stardust Memory

Space Top Gun. Vs. Space Nazis. It’s something like that.
While in New York on Sunday blowing my earnings on Gunpla and DVD’s, I happened to see the Gundam 0083 Anime Legends Collection set from Bandai Entertainment. It was the best $40 nostalgia trip ever.
Mobile Suit Gundam: 0083 Stardust Memory was one of my first exposures to anime, and my first exposure to the Gundam franchise. This was way back in 2002, when Adult Swim was only one night a week, and wasn’t complete shit anime only. Drawn in by the visuals and the more sophisticated storytelling, 0083, was my favorite show at the time.
Then the original MSG aired afterward, and I realized 0083 was a big pile of crap.
However, I still have a strong fondness for it, as it is an entertaining show, that just happens to be awesomely bad.
Oh, let my count the ways on how this show amuses and irritates me:
(Take note if you haven’t watched the show, “there be spoilers”)
– Zeon the Victim:  One thing that bugs me is the rhetoric bullshit that Gato, Delaz and most of the other Zeon guys spew out about the rightousness of restoring the Principality of Zeon. All you seem to hear from them and other characters is general bitching about how oppressed the Spacenoids are from the Earth “elite”, that keep them from achieving thier autonomy.
 Yet in many Universal Century Gundam shows you see the opposite; Peacetime Spacenoids seem live in relative comfort, while Post OYW Earth is a feudalistic crapsack world with heavy bureaucratic red tape and largescale poverty*.
 Granted in the Universal Century, the Earth Federation is not a model government (Violating major treaties and using live Nukes to test shiny Gundams is NOT SMART). However, this doesn’t justify their motivations and the terrorisitc goals of Operation Stardust.
 Delaz & Gato come off as nothing more than Gihren Zabi fanboys who would gladly kill other Spacenoids to justify their RIGHTOUSNESS.
It’s also ironic that they created the very situation that they were supposedly standing up against (Oppressive Earthnoids Factions, e.g. the Titans).
 *NOTE: In Char’s Counterattack Bright Noah is more or less a Fleet Admiral in a Special Forces Unit, yet his family lives in epic poverty (he might be compensated less due to his involvement in the Gryps War).
Also, the Federation Prime Minister is contemplating on using the money from the sale of Axis to fund a welfare program.
It’s been a while sice I seen CCA, but I think I’m right on this.
Nina Purpleton is a insufferable wench. In a franchise rife with idiot characters and Scrappies, meet the Queen Mother, Nina Purpleton.
Nina, an expy of Kelly Mc Ginnis’ character from Top Gun, is poorly written, going from a stern, naive technician to some hoebag who bangs Zeon Aces and would rather spare their lives than to prevent them from committing acts of terrorism and potential genocide.
It seems like there was some executive meddling to force a love triangle in the plot and it shows.
It’s even more cringing when Nina starts wailing about Gato in the last few episodes, yet prior to that, she didn’t even know who the hell he was.
 Worst yet is the pathetic attempt of relationship she has with Kou. I don’t even want to get into it. Let’s just say, for all of the Saji/Louise hate, at least they actually have a semblence of a relationship.
Way to flesh out your motives, Cima. Cima Garahou, the Magnificent Bitch she is, spends her time screwing with The Delaz Fleet, while playing them for chumps and secretly helping out the Federation.
Despite what she does, she’s very much a bad guy and she’s involved with Operation Stardust for her own reasons*.
However, those reasons aren’t really fleshed out, and by the time she openly declares she’s working against the Delaz fleet, I didn’t buy it.
 *NOTE: It isn’t until Idid some research that I learned Cima herself got the Royal Screwjob at the hands of her superiors (She was ordered to carry out Chemical attacks on Space Colonies during the OYW, and was treated like a paraiah afterward, by her own people).
Despite my personal bitching, I really do like the show, otherwise I wouldn’t have bought it. Here’s some good things:
– The English dub is a one liner fest. Gato & Moncha get the best lines: “I’m the Enemy, you Idiot!”, “Solomon, I HAVE RETURNED!”, “We’ll follow you dipers ready, sir”.
It has the G.O.A.T. of Anime opening sequences and Theme songs. They help sell the idea of the show really well.
(More edits later.)

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